For everyone who wants to know exactly.

ImmoDataCockpit creates an overview for private and institutional owners, users and service providers.

«Whether building land, rental, purchase or competitor properties - an initial analysis and first decisions are now sound and quick. We work with it every day.» Customers Developer Developer AG
«The fine adjustment of the price is crucial - luckily ImmoDataCockpit has so many detailed comparative values.» Customers Agents Immo DL
«Current offer data provide more information than the published benchmarks of existing rents. ImmoDataCockpit particularly supports us in evaluating new rentals and development projects, where the right market knowledge is crucial.» Customers Surveyors Valuation Group
«The market discussion with our clients thus has a stable foundation and thus a whole new quality.» Customers Maintainer IMB AG
«With ImmoDataCockpit I get a good insight into the real estate market, I work with it every day, especially when evaluating mortgage financing and with a view to successfully brokering a property.» Customers trustee Neutral financial services
«A modeled market assessment based on a broad database increases the security for decisions and makes risks clearly visible.» Customers banks Swiss B-Finance
«Market prices, demand indicators and location information are absolutely essential for our analyzes.» Customers consultants Big5
«A simple and quick price estimate, broad comparative values and an insight into the various property details are the best preparation for a sales talk.» Customers tenant homeowner