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Overview of modules

  • Housing market
    Housing market

    Analyze the prices and marketing duration of rental apartments and home ownership in an area.

  • Valuation

    Determine the property values for investment property, home ownership, and the reasonable rental prices for rental apartments.

  • Commercial property market
    Commercial property market

    Analyze the prices and marketing time of business space in an area.

  • Location

    Analyze your location based on properties such as price level, public transport, private transport, exposure, noise, tanning, taxes and much more.

  • Building applications
    Building applications

    What are the plans for new buildings in the near future?

Modules in detail

ImmoDataCockpit - your advantages

  • Make the right decision
  • win customers
  • Focus
  • Increase efficiency
  • Save Money
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The customer

Well-known companies and private individuals use ImmoDataCockpit.
«Whether building land, rental, purchase or competitor properties - an initial analysis and first decisions are now sound and quick. We work with it every day.»
«Modeled values based on market data, comparative values and market indicators are fundamental to my everyday work. ImmoDataCockpit offers me all of this at a glance.»
«The market discussion with our clients thus has a stable foundation and thus a whole new quality.»
«A modeled market assessment based on a broad database increases the security for decisions and makes risks clearly visible.»
«The fine adjustment of the price is crucial - luckily ImmoDataCockpit has so many detailed comparative values.»
What our customers say

High quality market information

The best data sources - current and in a historical context.

The market

Market information throughout Switzerland, address-specific, here insertion times at community level.

Data basis and quality

  • Over 5 million real estate listings
  • Over 100,000 leases signed
  • 5000 property statements for returns and cost benchmarks
  • 500 investment property transactions
  • Large set of hectare-sharp location data
  • Clean plausibility checks and geocoding
  • Plausible categorization and gentle modeling
  • Ongoing update

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