Our modules

Housing market

Analyze and understand the residential market in a few minutes:

  • What are the prices in a community?
  • How strong is the price spread?
  • What are comparable prices to my property?
  • How big is the demand?
  • How big is the offer?
  • How did the prices develop?
  • How great is the market pressure in the regional context?
  • How big is the construction activity?
  • What are the price potentials between old and new buildings?
  • How does it look locally and where does my location stand in the quantitative rating?
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Commercial property market


Analyze and understand the commercial market in a few minutes:

  • At what prices are commercial spaces offered?
  • In which areas are prices higher or lower?
  • How have prices developed in recent years?
  • How big is the demand at the moment?
  • How big is the offer?
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Building applications

How will the market develop in the near future:

  • How much is built in a region?
  • What is being built?
  • How much is the planned investment volume?
  • What competitive products will be created in the near future?
  • What building applications are submitted?
  • Which applications are approved?
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Determine the value of a property, home ownership or the appropriate rental price in just a few clicks:

  • What income can I expect?
  • What are the expected costs?
  • What returns are common in the market?
  • How is the location quality?
  • What price will a residential property or office property achieve?
  • What price will home ownership fetch?
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How is the location compared to the municipality and the region?

  • How good is the access via public transport?
  • How good is the connection to the national road network?
  • Which direction does the exposure take?
  • How severe is the traffic noise pollution?
  • How good is the tanning session?
  • What is the tax situation in a regional comparison?
  • Is it currently a cheap or expensive place to live?
  • Is it currently a cheap or expensive place for commercial real estate?
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